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Well hello there!

I'm Anne, the creator and curator of this here lifestyle blog. I started this little gem way back in 2010. Since then, this virtual wee bab has undergone some major changes... and so have I! 


I write about all things life. Prepare to experience some choice plant based recipes, crafty DIYs, and lots of thoughtful chats. I created this little nook on the internet for anyone who has ever felt out of place. I blog about my experiences in life--good and bad--with the goal of lending a hand of support to those who need it. Life is hard y'all. Join me in creating a community of acceptance, support and adoration of lame dad jokes. We're happy to have your positive energy too!


I'm a creative soul, in my mid-twenties, in love with a boy (who is now my husband) and the proudest dog-mom there ever was. I work in Marketing and am pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. I am a MAJOR Disney fan and one day I'll be an Imagineer! Feel free to contact me on the socials if you want to chat!

Glad you're here!

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