5 Quarantine Organization Tasks

Updated: May 5

It's certainly been a weird few months, thanks to the COVID19 quarantine. Restaurants, shops, and pretty much everything else have been shut. Leaving the house is only allowed for vital tasks —like fresh air or food. That's assuming we stay 6 feet apart. Apocalypse anyone?

Finally, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel as various shops are allowed to open back up. However, before our lives return to the hectic chaos we call normal, capitalize on the remainder of your quaranTIME by organizing these essential things.


Having an organized kitchen is one of those things you didn't realize you needed. I use the Konmari method when it comes to this task. Take everything out, clean the cabinet and then methodically put it all back. To ensure you organize items in a sustainable way, think about how you use the pantry. Put frequently used items like snacks near the front and less used items like baking supplies in the back. Decant bulk items like flour, nuts, and seeds in resealable containers. The products last longer and are easier to stack when you use tubs or mason jars. Another key piece is labeling. If you live with anyone else, you should label your shelves and individual items. I can't tell you how many times my husband has asked me, "Is this sugar or salt?" And when I label the popcorn basket he knows not to put the chips in there.


Sounds cliché, but when do you actually have the chance to sit down and focus on your goals? If you're like me, you have several big ideas floating around that you might get to...one day. Not good enough! What are your 2020 goals? 5 year goals? 10 year goals?Set a timeline for your goal and then work backward setting smaller, more manageable tasks you can complete to move you closer toward your end result. What steps can you take today to set you on the right path? Have a serious think, my friends, the sky is the limit.


With less opportunity to spend money, this is the perfect time to analyze your financial situation. Take a look at your current budget and your goals, Are you on track to meet your financial goals? Sort through your expenses and end subscriptions you aren't using. Increase your monthly savings contributions by setting up automatic withdrawals to your savings accounts. Look through your calendar and note recurring expenses like car registration or membership fees. Set up your bills on automatic payments so you never miss a payment again.

I sat down and combed through our entire yearly income, month by month. Even though our paychecks have been negatively affected by the epidemic, I have created a plan that will allow us to stay afloat AND set us on track to purchase a house at the beginning of 2021.


We all have those #adulting papers. Birth certificate, marriage license, health records. Save yourself frustration by organizing these papers into an easy-to-understand system. A large binder with page protectors works well for individual papers, while a document storage box is perfect for bulky items like a lease or keepsakes.


And finally, sort through your closet. Donate pieces that you haven't worn or don't feel confident wearing. Get rid of the things taking up space. I don't just mean your clothes, but everything you have in storage. Do you really need to keep those calligraphy pens when you haven't used them in years? Get rid of it! Again I favor the Konmari method for this. Take everything out and clean. As you place the item back, pick it up and decide if it brings you joy. You don't need to keep that tacky duck statue just because your mom bought it for you. Now, if you have a great memory with Mr. Quack, then keep it!

I am definitely the person who spends a Friday night armed with a glass of lemon seltzer and a label maker. I'm an organizer by nature. But even if you LOATHE the idea of tidying your life, make sure you have these five items sorted. Once quarantine is over, you'll have many more fun things to do than sort through rice.

Lots of Love,



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