Am I Famous Yet?

Updated: May 31

I started my blog 10 years ago this year. All this time I have dreamed of branching off into a Youtube channel. 15 year old me knew nothing about cameras, editing, or even social media. It's been a long journey of online courses, on the job training, and countless hours of research but I finally have the tools and knowledge to bring my dream to life. Here we are, a decade later and I have finally uploaded my first video. #LateBloomer

While the title of this post is humorous and entirely sarcastic (very on-brand for me) I am seriously excited to bring my content to the Youtube platform. The entire purpose of my blog, and now channel, is to bring high-quality content to my online fam. And to build a positive, inclusive community along the way.

I hope you are excited to walk this journey with me because you—dear reader—are my ENTIRE motivation. So if you're interested in a bit of Cleaning Motivation, please watch my Youtube Debut Video below.

So Much Love,



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