Dollar Store Autumnal Garland

It’s officially fall! Is anyone else as excited as I am?! Pumpkin spice, crisp leaves and cozy blankets...SIGN ME UP!

As such, my autumnal enthusiasm led me to pull out my autumn decorations a full two weeks before summer ended. While I was decorating, I noticed I didn’t have a garland! Blasphemy!

Garland are multi-use decorating tools. They are great on mantle places, but also in tablescapes, over door frames and anywhere you’d like to add a little autumnal touch. Easy to store when not in use and practically unbreakable, garland pack a seasonal punch and don’t require any special care. Many craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and Michaels often have stunning garland for sale. You can also usually find them in cozy vintage or craft shops. The issue with both of these retail options is that their garland often run upwards of $50! As you’re likely to use it every year, that may seem a reasonable price for some. But for a thrifty spender life myself? HARD PASS.

And so, children, what do we do when we don’t want to spend oodles of money? We DIY! Even better, every item I used was purchased at the dollar store! This garland can be personalized however you’d like with flowers, leaves, or other autumnal fares such as acorns and squash.

For my garland I used:

  • Two 5’ leaf garlands

  • Two bunches autumnal flowers (I had one bouquet of burlap sunflowers and one of orange daisies, but you could use the same type of flower)

  • A package of small pumpkins with metal clips (each pack contains 3 pumpkin clips)

You’ll also need a hot glue gun and glue sticks. You may find scissors or wire cutters useful as well.

This first step is to intertwine the garlands. You’ll need to offset one a little bit. Essentially you want the leaves of one garland to fill the gaps between the leaves of the second garland. The garland from the dollar store aren’t particularly full so by using two garlands and intertwining them, we get a more luscious effect. At this point, you may decide to cut off the loops at the end of each garland.

Next, you’ll want to lay your garland out flat. Make sure the tops of both garlands are facing up; you want minimal stem showing. If you have a few stubborn leaves that won't face up, just cut them off. You can glue them back on where ever you need them most.

Decide how and where you’d like to attach your pumpkin clips. I spread them out evenly, but you could clump them together if you wanted. Attach the clips. This helps both garlands stay in place as you begin your gluing process.

Now, determine which parts of the garland are most sparse. This is where you’ll want to focus the most of your flowers and cut leaves. I popped the flowers tops off their stems and glued the bottom of the flower in between the stems of the garland. Make sure to allow the glue to set before moving on the next flower. If you rotate the garland before the glue has set, the flower won’t adhere properly to the stems.

Continue with the rest of the flowers and the cut leaves. Again, it is VERY important you determine which side of your garland is ‘up’ and adhere the items as such. The part of your garland what will be sitting on your mantle or against the wall does not need flowers. Also make sure to spread your flowers out evenly, don’t clump them all together in one spot, unless that’s the look you’re going for. Additionally, if you have different types of flowers, alternate them when gluing.

If you have additional bits such as acorns or pine cones, add them once all the leaves and flowers have been attached. This garland looks beautiful intertwined with white fairy lights! I am so in love with my garland. I’m sure I will use it year after year.

Pro tip: Make sure your glue gun is set to low heat. I discovered that high heat glue will literally melt the plastic stems!

Happy Crafting!

Lots of Love,



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