New Year, New...Me?

The entire topic of New Year’s Resolutions is split right down the middle--those who love it and those who hate it. On the one hand, we have the group that hits the gym at 5am on January 2nd (probably not January 1st because hungover much?). They pump away at the elliptical with lustrous, shiny dreams of a tight butt and perky boobs. Then, of course, we have the cynics. Their only resolution is to have none. They scoff at the sweaty fiends on the elliptical and mumble how the gym will be empty in six weeks. Here’s the thing….these ideas can coexist happily together, like a PB & J or minion memes and middle-aged women.

The new year is a chance to evaluate your life thus far. What have you accomplished? What would you like to accomplish and how can you get there. It’s not about having unrealistic and unattainable ideas about what you’d love to accomplish if you had a perfect life. It’s about understanding and creating action plans for achievable and worthy goals. Challenge your mind to think about ways to improve your life that don’t involve your weight/health/body image. Study a new language, start a blog, read 20 more books, work on your relationship with your loved ones, practice your cooking skills.

The most important step in the whole process is your why. If you had a perfect life, if you were the best version of yourself, what would that look like? Dig deep, here. Would you own a house? Would you travel the world? Would you know how to code? You have so much potential. How do you want to harness it? And why do you want to be your best self? Do you want to be happier? Do you want to support your family? Think about your driving force, your motivation and ultimately your purpose. From there think about the steps you can take to get you there. These steps should become your goals.

Plan your goal.

Perhaps your lofty idea is to spend more time outside. Whip out your pen and notebook, grab yourself a cuppa and GET SPECIFIC. Assess your current routine and compare that to your ideal routine. How much time are your spending now? How much more time would you like to spend? What is realistic? It's easy to say you’ll do something. It's much harder to actually do it. How are you going to change your routine to ensure you are actually accomplishing your goal? What tools will you use? What things might you have to give up in order to make room for your goals? Create an action plan.

Hold yourself accountable.

Create milestones or mini-goals within the larger plan. Use these opportunities to check in with yourself and evaluate where you are. If you schedule reflection sessions, you equip yourself with the tools of long term success.

Be realistic, we’re only human.

Understand there will be days you don’t feel like bettering yourself. You will lose motivation. Instead of beating yourself up, understand that these feelings are totally normal. Build respites into your plan. This will help prevent burn out and negate any negative feelings about taking a break.

Reward yourself.

I don’t mean indulge in the very habit you are trying to change. Take a minute to assess your life and how it has changed. Are you happier? Do you feel more confident? Do you feel different? Reflecting on how your life is changed and how much closer you are to being the best version of yourself is so rewarding. And while you’re at it, have a nice dinner, invite friends over, or give yourself a day to do whatever you want. Good job!

You can change your life at any time. Each day we are given countless opportunities to start fresh. Every decision you make will impact your life. Just because we fell off the wagon yesterday, does not mean we are condemned to stay off. Get right back on!

Just do it.

Visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. Visualize yourself doing the actual work. Visualize your life after you’ve accomplished your goal. And then, think about what’s next.

You are so powerful. A fresh year inspires us to harness that power. The new year is just a date on a calendar, a mark of revolutions around the sun. And yet, it is so much more. Capitalize on the the motivation in the air during this time of year, but remember you don’t need a New Year’s Resolution to change your life. You just need a promise to yourself.

Lots of Love,



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