Pine Bough Wreath

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

It’s almost Christmas! And while the jolly fellow hasn’t visited yet, there is still time to spruce up your decor before he comes a knoc---chimneyin’.

This pine wreath is perfect for a crafternoon with your buddies and the loveliest (smelling) addition to your home. We had a grand ole time chatting, drinking wine and inhaling the scents of the season. The only thing missing was a couple chocolate oranges. But hey, you can’t have everything.

Here’s what we used:

-Metal wreath ring (mine is 20” but any size will work)

-Pine boughs or branches (quantity depends on ring size)*



> pinecones

> potpourri

> grapevine balls

Try also: beads, little ornaments, flowers, decorative sticks/branches

-Hot glue gun (you may want to use floral wire too, but glue worked fine for us)

-Scissors/ something to trim the boughs

*My friend got the pine boughs for free at a local Christmas tree lot. They often cut the bottom branches off the trees the sell and usually need to get rid of this excess! Check out your local lot, buy them at the store, or take a hike and collect them yourself.

To begin, wrap the boughs around and through your wreath wire. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can wrap the boughs in one direction so it looks like its all growing in one direction. I went for a more natural look, so the tips stick out all over. If you wrap the entire length of your bough and tuck the ends into the wreath, you probably won’t need to use glue or floral wire to secure the bough.

Once the wreath is wrapped to your desired thickness, you can add the decorations. Depending on your decoration of choice, a little dab of hot glue may be all you need!

Finish her off with a handmade bow or a snippet of ribbon wrapped around the top. Look at you go!

Next time I’d really like to try dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and even sugar coated cranberries for festive decorations.

This wreath can easily be adapted for any holiday celebration or even winter in general.

Whatever you’re celebrating, have a wonderful holiday with loved ones and oh-so-many chocolate oranges.

P.S. Now that Christmas is over, this is a great way to reuse your old tree!

Lots of Love,


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