You Are In Control

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I really enjoy kids cartoons. Like if I had things my way I would watch cartoons all. the. time. During a recent foray into the Netflix original Captain Underpants--which I highly recommend, btw-- there was a scene where this poor man is convinced he's hit rock bottom. He says as such, sitting in his car in a parking lot, when the universe proves him wrong as his tires go flat. He repeats the adage and then his car proceeds to catch fire. You see where this is going...each time he says “This is rock bottom’” the universe proves him wrong by throwing something new at him.

Sometimes it seems like this is life. Often we find bad news hits us and then hits again...and again… and again. Even when life is great and we are content, bad news is inevitable. It's difficult to remember during these trying times that we are not stuck. We may feel boxed in or limited in our current situation. But even when it seems like we have no control, we really have all the control.

Choosing to wake up and get ready for work, deciding what to eat for breakfast, even what color undies to wear are all choices that we control everyday. When we get stuck in habits and traditions, we become wayword. Our routines become so normal that we convince ourselves the things we already do are the only things we can do. And this couldn't be further than the truth. Routine, while good in some respects, is blinding to opportunities and possibilities. It clouds our view of any situation other than the one we are in.

To have an internal locus of control is to believe you are the maker of your own life. If something good happens, your hard work has paid off. If something bad happens, there were opportunities for improvement and you can harness them moving forward. The thing here to grasp is that they are not in control of everything but take responsibility for the things they can control. A person with an internal locus of control understands their piece of the universe pie and works hard to do their best work with their piece. Now, the rest of the universe pie still exists and still affects your piece. Understand that unlike our friend in Captain Underpants, the universe isn’t focused on ruining your life. This is the concept of pronoia (sometimes spelled pronia). Unlike its opposite, paranoia, pronia is the idea that the universe has your back. And listen, IT DOES! The universe/God/aliens whatever your chosen higher power, loves you and wants you to succeed.

Harness the power you do control and trust you can and will move forward.

Use these tools to break from your routine. Understand you deserve good things and then go out and get them! Your current space of bad news and doubt is not the place you have to be; you aren’t stuck. When bad news weighs you down, remember that you have the power… unless you’re that dude from Captain Underpants.

If you’re feeling stuck or down or not in control, its ok. We all feel that way sometimes. Pop on an episode of the Caped Underwear Crusader (now this should be his title) and take it easy. We’re all in this together.

Lots of Love,



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